HR/Personal Development

Overview of the AEON Personal Development and Training Programmes

In AEON, we have maintained the unchanged view since our founding that the future of a company will become stagnant without [human] progression and development.

The basis of growth as an AEON employee is to apply the desire for [self-improvement] on [AEON’s Principles] for cultivating [entrepreneurship] and continual learning of autonomy and independence towards [challenges and changes].

To support the growth of our employees, we have established an education programme that caters for any nationality/gender/academic background/age,

as well as providing different training programmes on [Enhancement of expertise and technical skills] and [Improvement on management skills] that meet the needs of the respective designations.

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AEON Personal Development and Training Programmes Overview

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Main Context and Features

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1. Management Training

This is a training programme to groom new management talents who will be handling management matters moving forward. Trainees will be picked via recommendations from each company and the overall selection process. The curriculum will focus on topics such as [Aeon’s shared principles], [Management strategies], [Marketing], [Accounting/Finance], [Organization/Employees] and [Latest information] for trainees to acquire expertise and capabilities of management staff through a combination of theories and practical exercises. 

4. Practical Training for Leaders

Train leaders who can conduct practical training in a systematic manner to sustain the level of sales and product commercialization, as well as ensuring continual implementation of such training programmes within the company. This can also help leaders gain more knowledge and skills.

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2. Basic Training

Step-by-step/continual learning programme for management staff who lead(s) team(s).

5. Best Skill Contest

It is a contest which gathers contestants representing their respective companies to pit their skills (acquired through practical and on-site training) against one another. Employee(s) who can best meet the expectations of customers shall be rewarded.

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3. Practical Training

(Perishables/delicatessen) Train employees who can use basic product knowledge to commercialize products that are in-line with basic standards and efficient hygiene management.                                                            

(Garments) Train employees who can setup clothing departments where customers can shop at ease.    

(Cashier) Train employees who can operate the basics of cash registers, as well as cordial correspondence with customers.

6. Shared Values as an Aeon Employee

Discussion of case studies shall be used as the format of learning while building on the basis of understanding the code of conduct of Aeon’s principles. As customers are our top priority, we will consider important thinking processes, as well as identifying areas that can be put into practice.