Happy Yellow

Receipt Campaign

 There are numerous local volunteer organizations in need of financial support. We also have many consumers who would like to assist such organizations in their activities. Since 2001, AEON has been joining with consumers to support volunteer groups through our AEON Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign, part of our efforts to expand the company's role as a responsible member of the community. After adding up the total sales value of the receipts in each box, AEON donates goods equivalent to 1% of that amount to the corresponding local volunteer organization. The Happy Yellow Receipt campaign works toward the common goal of local revitalization in a manner uniquely suited to the retail industry, which maintains strong community ties through its local stores. In addition, by supporting local development in cooperation with people who can appreciate AEON s efforts, AEON provides added value in the form of a contribution to the local community.

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Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign of AEON (Thailand) CO.,LTD and AEON (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD.