Going Green for The Planet

Tree-planting Activity held at Kuching central mall, Malaysia (17th March 2018)


 With joint efforts from the Forest institute of Malaysia, we have planted 50 trees and 450 plants around the Kuching central mall. These plants have created such a beautiful and natural ambience! Congratulations to the participating schools who were each awarded RM $5000 each from the Malaysian AEON Foundation! In 27 years' time, Aeon would have planted over 500,000 trees. This is a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability. At Aeon, we believe in healthy forests being regrown to help the environment. This is made possible through our AEON’s Hometown Forest Programme. Currently, 100 participants from local schools and Aeon are involved. 


Odoo CMS - a big picture

  As we believe tree planting is vital to preserving and protecting the environment, we hope to partner with locals in tree planting before the opening of every mall. Indeed, this is an opportunity for us to connect with our neighbours while contributing to the environment! Truly, this is one of our philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe in promoting peace via education and combating environmental issues. We would like to share our passion in conserving the environment and building a better environment for our future generations. Tree planting is effective and efficient for environmental change. Thus, we often look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour every time.