AEON Orange opens hypermarket in Myanmar

Thanlyin Sakura

AEON Orange has opened its first hypermarket in Myanmar on 10 May, 2019. The Company has already operated 14 supermarkets in Myanmar, but they mainly focus on groceries. This 15th store is different from other supermarkets, which covers a variety of products, not only foods but also clothes, electronics, delicatessen and so on. It is located in Yangon. The new hypermarket is around 2800sq-meters, which is around three times bigger than the average size of the other existing stores. The number of products has been enlarged to 1.5 times of the products number of other supermarkets.

The hypermarket of AEON Orange has been putting effort into Delicatessen area. The newly installed open kitchen cooks dishes with chicken and Myanmar curry, as well as humburgers and pizzas. The seating area contains 72 seats, which is useful for having events and activities, for communicating purposes. In the past 3 days, many families and couples have been visiting the store and enjoying their shopping here. The company can expect this hypermarket becoming a new style of store in Myanmar.